My background is on spiritual and lifestyle magazines but I’m interested in making any copy the best it can be, no matter what the subject matter. I edit a person’s work to make it clear, concise and grammatically correct, while keeping the tone of voice and style of the writer. I ask questions to make points clearer and to expand areas of interest that could make the copy stronger.

More recently I have edited a spiritual memoir, various blogs and academic PhDs, and worked as Deputy Editor on Compass magazine for Greene&Co estate agents, helping to put together a quality customer magazine for the North London area.



Spirit&Destiny’s Soul Secrets


In 2005/6, I conceived, compiled and edited this collection of over 70 mind,

body, spirit experts’ words of wisdom for a book published by Hay House.


It was a very enjoyable project, and flowed so easily, it was

clearly meant to be. All of the experts included in it, did so for no payment,

simply for the publicity and pleasure of being in a collection of some of the

greatest spiritual thinkers in the UK and the world.


You can leaf through the pages here:


My American Odyssey: From Windrush to the White House (non-fiction)


The Weekend (fiction)

by Roger Griffith 

Roger came to me with two books written, in need of a fresh pair of eyes to edit the work he’d already spent many years on. His novel only needed a good read through and some grammatical changes, while the non-fiction book needed a bit more thought, discussion and re-writing. With both, I have also worked on pitches to agents and publishers, with him, although he has now decided to go down the self-publishing route.



“Emily Anderson has a sharp professional eye for editing and provides sound advice and support for first-time or experienced writers alike, fact or fiction, articles, short stories or novels.  

She has a calm, balanced reassuring manner and is especially supportive of aspiring authors unsure of the writing world. She not only provides an excellent editorial service but cares passionately about her clients and the work they produce. I know I can relax and concentrate on enjoying my writing knowing Emily’s attention to detail and skills will add value, enhance and improve my writing and body of work.”


10 Things To Do Before Getting Married – The Bachelor’s Bible (and ladies too)  

by Luís Henrique De Araújo



Edited full manuscript of this first time, self-publishing author to a tight deadline.


“As a first time author I feel blessed to have Emily as my editor. Her ability to play with the flow of sentences, and spot spelling mistakes, without changing the meaning, is exceptional.

Emily Anderson has been a brilliant editor, no author could ask for more. She did a terrific job on my book. Moreover, she was punctual and very professional. Highly recommended.”







by Rachel Medhurst

Edited full manuscript of a paranormal novel about spirit guides, ready to pitch to agents and submit to the Hay House Writer’s Workshop competition.



As Editor of  I edited the blogs for this site, from founders Becky Walsh and Cat Knott, and other guest contributors. I’ve also edited some of Becky’s blogs on her own website

Becky Walsh speaker and Author


“Emily is a fantastic editor. She has a keen eye for words and an intuitive connection to the deeper meaning behind your work.

I’m dyslexic and had problems at school, so it’s really easy for me to get triggered by being told my work is ‘wrong’. Emily works with you without making you feel like imperfections in your writing make you a numpty! She has worked on my blogs, articles and aspects of my published books, as well as creating content for my education platform ‘Open Beyond’. I have recommended her to many of my clients and writing students, all of which have reported back to me how much their work has grown by working with Emily.”


Please contact me to discuss your writing or editing requirements, and how I can help you:

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