New Year, New Calendar?

By bringing ourselves back into balance with the moon’s cycles and other cycles in nature and the universe, we blossom, grow, evolve.
You have a calendar which can transform your life by connecting you with the energy of each day and the present moment, yet aware of the symbolism and synchronicity manifesting itself in your life and showing you the way to reach your best potential.

Emily Anderson explains more…

Experience the positive power of the mind, unified and amplified.

Now is the time. The much-talked-about and anticipated ‘end of the Mayan calendar’ date, winter solstice 2012, is this Friday. No escaping it, we’re all in it together. Stock up on canned food, bottled water and matches, who knows what may happen?

On this special solstice day, many people around the world are uniting in meditation, prayer and positive thought to focus intentions on making the world a better place. If many minds are unified in peace, love and harmony, why shouldn’t this reality become, well, real?

Mindfulness – the key to preventing depression

Is it possible that Mindfulness can hold the key to breaking through depression?
In trials a programme by Oxford Mindfulness Center shows that ‘in patients with three or more previous episodes of depression, MBCT reduces the recurrence rate over a year by 44 %, compared with usual care, and is as effective as maintenance antidepressants in preventing new episodes of depression.

Backed by experts the world over and with numerous celebrities such as Ruby Wax adding their endorsements, its time the world started listening and learning about these powerful yet ancient techniques!

Olympic Positivity – Time for Change

If individuals can create such a massive, successful event as the Olympics – then what positive changes can we all make in our own lives? What wonders can we create together in the world at large using our minds, our creativity and our compassion? Emily Anderson reviews the Olympics and asks that question of all of us.