About Me:

My writing has been published in a range of magazines and newspapers, from The Guardian and Healthy magazine to ARISE and Kindred Spirit. For ten years, I wrote true life stories and gritty reports, news, reviews and interviews for Spirit&Destiny, the UK’s leading women’s spiritual lifestyle magazine. I now write books, features and blogs on spirituality, alternative health and sustainable living, as well as true life stories for Book of My Life. 


Most recently, I’ve published a series of books with Arcturus Publishing, including The Essential Book of Crystalsa gift edition with a card set; The Essential Book of Pendulums, also in gift format with a pendulum for dowsing; The Essential Book of Angels; and most recently a gift box set called Manifesting Affirmations, with a deck of 50 affirmation cards. 

See below for more of my published work.

I also offer editing services to help you perfect your media. See the editing section of this website for projects and testimonials. 


Please contact me to discuss your writing or editing requirements:

  • + 44 (0)7759 228 406
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